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Sandra's Large Round Collar Dress

Sandr'a version of the free sewing pattern
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Sandra's Large Rounded Collar Dress from Free Sewing Pattern
Response to the Sewing Challenge

Sandra McCormick changed the collar on the sewing pattern. She wrote:

My name is Sandra McCormick and this is Mary Rose in her new outfit. I basically used your pattern as it was except that I altered the collar as you can see. I didn't do a good job at rounding it; should have made it square corners instead. It really was fun and easy. It also fit perfectly.

I am a nurse (have been for over 30 years) and sewing doll clothes is very relaxing. My husband knows by now to look in my room for me. When I get new patterns or start an outfit, I become unavailable for most things including dinner. So now I can go do that for him.

Thanks again for pattern, web site, challenge and books galore.

One reason I loved designing this pattern is that it put me in touch with creative people like Sandra. It is so confirming to hear how other women become unavailable, even for dinner, when they start sewing. Thank heavens we have understanding husbands. I am ready to design again and I am grateful my husband knows where to look for me. Otherwise, he might never see me!

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