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Rebecca's Old-Fashioned Doll Dress

Old-Fashioned Doll Dress
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Rebecca's Old-Fashioned Doll Dress
Response to the Free Sewing Pattern Challenge

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Rebecca Henning writes about her old-fashioned doll dress:

I was excited to find and try your pattern as I am outfitting my very first doll. It is for my daughter's 7th birthday coming in July. I had 3 goals for my project. First I wanted to imitate a doll she had seen based on a book about Nan Harper, a true life survivor of the Titanic. (That doll and outfit are no longer available.) Second I wanted to make a matching dress for my daughter. And third, I wanted to use materials I already had on hand as much as possible. I adapted the pattern by substituting gathered lace and a tiny pink ribbon flower for the collar, and also lace (ungathered) for the sleeve band. I also added lace to the bottom of the skirt and sewed a row of lace right above the dropped waist. The fabric is a pink and white stripe of denim-like wight (almost upholstery weight.) This is probably too heavy for the pattern, but as I said, I was using what I had on hand and so I made it work! Due to this heaviness, the skirt has a tendency to fly up so I made some white bloomers, trimmed with lace, to go under it. As you can see in the pictures, I also decorated matching hats using the lace and ribbon flowers.

Thank you for sharing this pattern. I enjoyed it very much.

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