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Pink Top with Capri Pants

What a cute top and capri pants, clothing your doll wil love
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Sewing Pattern Book "Sew the Contemporary Wardrobe for 18-inch Dolls" - $12.99

Pink Top with Capri Pants

Pink top with capri pants

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This cool little top is perfect for hot summer days. The lined bodice features cut-away armholes with straps. The trim on the front has flat lace zigzag stitched on both sides with a mitered corner at the top. The crocheted butterfly and beaded trim are wonderful embellishment techniques that young girls love.

Capri pants have had many incarnations throughout the last few decades. Joan's mother knew them as "clam diggers," and she called them "pedal pushers," and her daughter calls them capri pants. They are a comfortable alternative to long pants in warmer weather, and add another style choice to your wardrobe. These capri pants have decorative ribbon trim, but can be embellished with machine or hand embroidery, decorative stitches, or appliqués. They are a good project for those learning to sew, as the elastic waist eliminates the set-in waistband and fly.

The top and capri pants fit 18-inch vinyl dolls (those with vinyl head, arms and legs and a cloth stuffed body) such as The American Girls Collection® by the Pleasant Company, Götz Dolls® (non-designer) and many others. The top and capri pants are actually designed to fit The American Girls Collection® and Götz Dolls® (non-designer) loosely to allow for individual differences in the stuffing of the dolls. They will also fit the following dolls: Dress Me Doll© by The Martha Pullen Company, Faithful Friends Collection®, Liberty Landing®, Girls on the Go®, Savannah of Storybook Heirlooms™, Laura Ashley®, Collector's Lane®, Creative Doll Company®, Springfield Collection®, Sophia's Heritage Collection®, Autumn Harvest™, Our Generation™, Tolly Girl® and miscellaneous composition and porcelain dolls. Since some dolls, such as Liberty Landing®, Autumn Harvest™ and Our Generation™, are a little thinner, you may want to check the size of your doll and adjust the top and capri pants slightly for a better fit.

One of the things that is so fun when working with this pattern book is just the fact that none of the sewing patterns uses very much fabric. You can get out all those scraps of materials you have been saving for years, perhaps for quilts that will never get made, and start using the material. Also, I know many sewers who love to scour the fabric stores looking at the bargain little pieces of material that are left-over when all the fabric is sold off a bolt. These pieces of material are often marked down significantly making the doll clothes you sew a true bargain.

Also, the sewing patterns are fun because they use such a variety of materials. You will have an opportunity to work with denim, flannel, fleece, stretchy knit cotton for t-shirts, dressy satins and prom fabrics and more. If you are teaching children to sew, you can spend hours in the fabric stores picking out fun materials to sew with. But often the sewing notions can be found in your sewing stash left-over from some previous project so the cost can be kept down.

Infinite Freedom and Sally Robertson are not associated with any of the above named dolls or companies in any way.

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