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Smocking Lesson Videos From YouTube
and Pleating Instructions by Sally Robertson


If you have a pleater, please watch the video Pleating 101. If not, please see the tutorial for working with iron-on transfer dots below.

Learn to Smock Series by Laurie Anderson

Pleating 101

Pleating Tutorial On Using Iron-On Transfer Dots by Sally Robertson

Step 1: Iron the dots on your fabric. Place your fabric on the ironing board wrong side up. Place the dots right side down on the wrong side of the fabric. Use a warm iron only and place it on the dot paper. Do not slide the iron back and forth as it will smear the dots. Lift up a corner of the paper to make sure the dots have transferred well.

Step 2: Sew gathering stitches. Take a needle and thread and sew gathering threads across the first row by taking a small stitch at each of the dots. Leave the thread loose so you can pull on it after all the rows are stitched. Repeat this process with each of the rows of dots.

Sew the gathering threads

Step 3. Gather the pleats. Pull the gathering threads up to the desired width. Tie them off two rows at a time.

Gather the pleats

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