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Ellie and Sally with Ellie's first quilt
This is a picture of my granddaughter Ellie and I. My sister Diane and I were teaching Ellie how to quilt. This is her first quilt and it looks great. She is a careful, excellent seamstress with a good feel for the mechanics of the sewing machine!!

My name is Sally Robertson and I started Infinite Freedom as an expression of a dream I have for the world. Years ago, somewhere around 1996, I was having some powerful experiences that brought this dream to me. At the time I was spending quite a bit of my spare time sewing doll dresses for some of my granddaughters. None of them lived close to me but I found that this was a way to connect to them. When I was in the process of sewing, I would be overcome with the most tremendous feeling of love for my granddaughters, plus feelings of joy and even bliss. The girls all loved the dresses and it seemed to be as much fun for them as it was for me.

At the time, I was also spending quite a bit of time praying and meditating on peace in the world, an end to war and violence. I realized that the feelings my granddaughters and I had with the sewing were so much fun, so joyful and blissful, they were utterly incompatible with feelings of hatred and war. It occurred to me that if enough grandmothers, mothers and daughters around the world were connecting to each other in this way, there would be no room for war. The energy of all the fun, love and creativity would be too strong and powerful and the women would not tolerate war happening around them.

Now that may be a little idealistic, but those were and are my underlying dreams and hopes for this business and the world. When I first put up the Infinite Freedom website in 1997, the prayer at the bottom of this page was on every page and it has remained so. The prayer still brings tears to my eyes, it touches me very deeply and must come from my Soul.

By the way, I choose the name Infinite Freedom by thinking about what being able to sew as much as I like would really mean to me... it felt like infinite freedom...

Infinite Freedom is a part-time, home-based business for me and I also work part-time as a webmaster. Before I hit retirement age I was a Licensed Professional Counselor and my husband and I had a Mental Health Agency specializing in domestic violence. I have seven children and step-children (two deceased), thirteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

UPDATE 1/22/2007

Pictures of the beautiful quilt my granddaughter Ellie is making:

That smile expresses the joy she was having the
whole time she was quilting on the machine!

Infinite Freedom

My prayer is for a world so safe and abundant...
where all who love to sew are free to sew...
where all have the resources they need to sew...
and no strife or war can touch anyone who wants to sew.

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