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Kaela Dress by Sally Robertson

Kaela Smocked Doll Dress Pattern
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Pattern is available to download on Etsy: Smocked Doll Dress Pattern, The Kaela Dress, for American Girl Dolls on ETSY

Blooper, do not smock your dress like this example

Smocking Blooper - do not do this! The smocking truly is beautiful on this little doll dress. The ribbon and floss match the colors in the flowers on the fabric beautifully. When you are physically close to this dress, it looks very pretty. But the problem comes when you move back from the dress and your eye looks at the dress as a whole. Suddenly you see a big white rectangle on the bodice of a very dark dress. The eye cannot make sense of it and it looks ugly.

This problem can be overcome easily. One way is to choose fabrics colors for the dress and insert that do not contrast sharply with each other. Another solution is to use a ribbon that matches the dark print in the smocking. The eye will see the top and bottom of the insert as blending with the dress fabric and the result will be pleasing. Please see the picture below for an example of this:

Example of dark ribbon on the top and bottom of the insert

Stand back from the computer a bit, squint your eyes and look at the purple dress, then squint your eyes and look at the blue dress. Notice the difference in how the insert looks. By the way, this blooper effect only shows up with a pattern that has a wide insert because it makes such a big rectangle on the bodice. A dress like the Stella Dress, which has a narrow insert, looks great with highly contrasting fabrics because the insert is a narrow band that your eye expects to see:

Stella Dress with narrow smocked insert

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The models wearing the smocked doll dresses are Dress Me Dolls© from The Martha Pullen Company.

This smocked dress pattern fits 18" dolls (those with vinyl head, arms and legs and a cloth stuffed body) such as The American Girls Collection® by the Pleasant Company, Götz Dolls® (non-designer) and many others. The pattern was actually sized on The American Girls Collection®, Götz Dolls® (non-designer) and Dress Me Dolls© from The Martha Pullen Company (these dolls are the same size). The Gali Girl Dolls, Avon's Madame Alexander Dolls and Our Generation Dolls are a little thinner.

Infinite Freedom and Sally Robertson are not associated with any of the above named dolls or companies in any way.

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