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Mitzi Dress by Sally Robertson
Sally Taking Pictures

Mitzi Dress
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Individual Sewing Pattern "Mitzi Dress" by Sally Robertson - $8.95

Sally on rock outcropping

Doll Clothes Pattern Designer Sally Robertson

Many of the pictures for my 18" doll clothes patterns have been taken near Vail, Colorado. Here I am standing on a rock outcropping overlooking mountains and a deep valley. Here is what it is like to look down from the rock.

Doll clothes are easy to make with the patterns offered by Infinite Freedom. The 18" doll clothes in the pattern books by Hinds and Becker are for beginners. My patterns are for the seamstress with intermediate skills. While these patterns are a little more difficult, they teach new techniques and come with detailed clear directions and illustrations that many beginners will be able to follow.

Before any patterns designed by another person are offered for sale on this website, I carefully review them. I have reviewed several books and decided not to them because the clothes did not fit well or because the directions were not complete enough. I really think you will be totally satisfied with all the patterns for 18" doll clothes offered here at Infinite Freedom.

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